1st Class Bail Bonds is an experienced bonding company serving Chambers and Hardin counties.  Our mission is to provide our clientele with the most dignified respect in a difficult situation. 

Our agents are licensed bonding professionals.  With over ten years experience, several bonding companies, and multiple certifications, 1st Class is the best choice for you or your family member. Whether you have an outstanding warrant, or find yourself in a tight situation, 1st Class can bond you out in a flash.

Often, our prospective clients find themselves in a position they never imagined.  Many folks are overwhelmed and not sure how to proceed.  Give the guys at 1st Class a call.  They can answer any and all questions concerning the bonding process even pre-trial matters, the entire procedure can be explained to you simply. 

1st Class Bail Bonds wants your business today!  If you find yourself or someone you love in trouble, make the smartest and easiest decision...Call us at 409.920.0618



Call 1st Class at 920-0618

Call 1st Class 920-0618